Hi I'm Sam. I'm short, balding with enourmous ears and I'm beginning to feel a tug to shut them in over doors. A House Elf's work is never done.

I'd be thrilled to host a private Potter tour, just for your group.

A private Harry Potter tour with a family outside Edinburgh Castle
It's Harry Potter's birthday! Outside Edinburgh Castle he surrenders to Voldemort

phone:  44 7472 032 787

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Thoughts on birthdays

See a unicorn on a Harry Potter walking tour Well if you're considering me - thanks! I think it better to give the kids a choice though. At least two. People value more what they choose for themselves and it's a day of heightened emotions, so offer them a couple of alternatives, just for their birthday let them be the boss. If they choose a tour, brilliant! Make sure they're warm, the tour has a bit of standing around, but not overheating. If it rains, bring a trident.