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All tours are jam packed with sights of gothic romance:

The Potter Tour Rowling's Edina Complete Potter
Time 110m 2.5 hrs 3 hrs
The Tron Kirk
Quidditch postbox
The Nor Loch
Old College
Nicolsons cafe
Surgeons Hall
McEwan Hall
The Grassmarket
Voldemort's grave
The Elephant House
Andrew Carnegie's library
Newt Scamander's cave
'Diagon Alley'
Edinburgh Castle
The witches fountain
The Witchery
Riddle's court
Sirrus Black's 'owl'
Lady Stair's mansion house
The Royal Scottish Academy
The Balmoral Hotel
The Heart of Midlothian
Inside Old Parliament Hall
Rowling's Edinburgh Award
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Edinburgh Harry Potter bus tour City Sightseeing

Harry Potter Bus Tours Review

Edinburgh doesn't have a dedicated Harry Potter bus tour, but Edinburgh Bus Tours run the well rated City Sight Seeing tour. This passes four locations of interest to Potter fans:

If you're really into Harry Potter Edinburgh's old town is compact, a walking tour is a first class experience. But this bus tour has a downstairs deck which is warmer. It's audio guided in 10 languages. It's one hour, so you'll have time to visit the Castle and Holyrood Palace and it's absolutely perfect for wheelchairs.

City Sightseeing Bus Tour